Holy Knight with his horse

I thought it would be a good idea to combine this great bust of Young with a matching horse's head. The right horse's head I found at Siskin. The painting was done, as almost always with me, with oil paints on an acrylic base. I hope you like the idea as well as I do. Have fun watching!


Meine erste Shadowbox mit Figuren von Stefano Sartorello und LaMeridiana. Bemalt wie immer mit Öl auf Acryl. Ich hoffe sie gefällt Euch !
My first Shadowbox with figures from Stefano Sartorello and LaMeridiana. Painted with oils over acrylics. I hope you like it !

Mexican Gunmen

54mm Vignette mit Figuren von Pegaso Models und EMI. Bemalt in Acryl und Öl.
54mm Vignette with figures of Pegaso Models and EMI.Painted in acrylic and oil.

Rothirsch / Servus Elaphus

Fantastisch Modelliert von Stefano Sartorello. Von mir bemalt in Acryl und Öl 
Fantastic Model by Stefano Sartorello.From me painted in acrylic and oil

European Mufflon

European Mufflon (Ovis gmelini musimon)

A great modeling by the Italian artist Stefano Sartorello, and i am so happy that I could paint this great figure.

I hope you like my Version ! 😊😊